Retail Pharmacy Healthcare POS Billing Software

Pharmacies and Healthcare

Retail Mass Pharmacy Healthcare POS Billing Software is able to generate info like inventory, stocks, sales reportsand more in a minute. Pharmacy is one of the important areas in healthcare sectors where the buying and selling process of the medicines takes place. It is important for the pharmacists to take note of the medicine.



Ordered stocks

Received stocks

Price fixtures with expiry dates

Pharmacies Healthcare POS Billing Software

The suite of solution comprises of integrated functionalities of Retail Store Operations, Point of Sales, Sales & Distribution and Kitchen Process(recipe management) for food court, cafe, bar, ice cream parlor, Quick service(QSR) It can integrate all business organization or departments like Payroll, Accounts & Finance, CRM and e-Commerce with all the above departments or business units.


Smart billing

Staff management

User privileges

Hardware integration

Works offline

Effective sales operations

Customized payments

Inventory management

PIN code access

Employee scheduling

Universal barcode planning

Customer management

Consolidated item listing

Item code number tracking

Intelligent reporting

Reports can be exported to PDF, Excel, or text file formats

Sales Manager allows you to view, reprint receipts, change, copy and void sales

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