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Channel Integration

Seamless uniform shopping experience for online and in-store customers.

Cloud Technology

Full service access irrespective of mobile or desktop platform.

Supermarkets & Grocery Stores

Supermarkets require accurate inventory management as the aisles are stocked with products with limited shelf lives. It’s also necessary to identify and replace low-selling items with popular ones. Retail mass comes equipped with efficient inventory management, re-order management, auto-replenishment, vendor management, expiry, return and waste management modules that lets you keep track of SKUs and replenish stock before running out, identify expiring products and issue returns, and more. Barcode your products in standard as well as user defined formats, and generate comprehensive reports in popular file formats such as .xls, .txt and .csv. Keep track of your transactions with integrated financial billing and also get to ensure a good customer relationship with effective CRM tools and loyalty management. With multi store management functionalities, managing multiple retail outlets is just as easy as managing a single one. Now run your supermarket business seamlessly and enhance your profits with a single robust POS solution that handles everything for you.



Retail Mass helps you simplify time consuming tasks and manage your pharmacy easily and conveniently through an integrated drug index, stock details, order management, home delivery tracking and more. Enable your customers to check-out easily through quick and easy billing. Get alerts for expiring products automatically through FIFO product management and also keep track of pending prescriptions, negative inventory and various prior appointments. Monitor non-moving products and manage your inventory efficiently by categorizing it based on the supplier, company, product, batch etc.


Fashion &Lifestyle

One of the key issues that affect the fashion & lifestyle industry is inventory mismanagement. The garments or apparels are not stored properly and results in the selling of the wrong item. Retail Mass helps you enjoy 100% control over your inventory with intelligent features such as unique barcoding, style management, quick stock taking using PDA and more, that helps you precisely categorize products based on brands, sizes, prices, season etc. It supports quick billing, multiple payment methods, price mark-ups & mark-down, integrated financial accounting and also enhances customer retention with effective CRM.



Retail Mass is a complete POS solution for the mobile, computers & computer hardware, home appliances and other white goods store. Loaded with inventory management, warranty management, comprehensive MIS system, accounting and CRM modules, it helps you streamline your activities and drive efficiency into your business. Keep track of high value products through Serial/IMEI numbers, eliminate redundant entries by consolidating sales processes and cut down on operational costs through our fully integrated solution that is tailored for technology retailers.


Restaurants & Bars

The face of the hospitality industry is changing with full service restaurants expected to provide high quality food, flexible menu meals and also a fast and smooth checkout. Retail Mass comes equipped with touch screen graphical display, quick billing, perishable inventory tracking, recipe management, table layout and seating, mobile order taking, multiple payment options and more. Its Kitchen Order Tracking (KOT) feature enables you to easily track and bill orders according to individual tables. It also helps you add custom requests for individual dishes according to customer’s requirements and configure menu items based on time of day, season etc.


Specialized Retail

Retail Mass works flawlessly also for the specialized retailing businesses such as Jewelry, Book Store, Liquor &Wine, Sports equipment outlets and more. Get to make informed business decisions based on irrefutable data from integrated accounting and audit reporting. Categorize your inventory accurately, consolidate transaction information and re-order expired products to provide your customers with a better shopping experience and improve customer satisfaction.


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