Experience our cloud based completePOS solution

with powerful backend automation and stock control that gives you everything you need to manage your entire business, from anywhere at any time.

Whether you are running a small kiosk or a big retail, Retail Mass has you covered on everything. Inventory tracking, sales reporting, multi-channel payment options and more, it’s all in there, ready to transform the way you do business within minutes and at a fraction of the cost of a traditional system. Drive efficiency and sales growth into your retail business with one of the easiest POS systems in the market.

Smart Stock Management

Intelligent algorithms automate the inventory optimization operations of your retail business giving you complete visibility in your stock movements so that every item you sell is always available.

Categorize products based on type, sales, vendor, price, inventory level and more for fast and intuitive search.

One click viewing of Quantity, Stock History, Price History and more.

Easily add unlimited items to your inventory with a .xls file.

Quick and easy barcode scanning to scan –in existing products or add new ones.

Offer multiple versions of your products and categorize them with user defined tags based on size, color, material etc.

Download and store an offline version of your entire inventory.


Cash Point

Intuitive and efficient POS solution that encourages upselling, cross selling and comes loaded with every In-store feature imaginable.

Simply add the item into the database and start selling within a few clicks.

View the past order history of all customers based on product and date.

Provide custom tax rates to discrete items based on type, location and more.

Integrated financial accounting and report to track daily total of all payment types.

Complete control on purchase refunds back to the customer on original payment methods.

Monitor all cash registers and authorize each staff member to register their activity.

Customize receipts based on business information, language and more that can be emailed automatically to customers.



Make data based informed decisions that enhance your profit and maximize returns from in-depth analytics of all your business operations.

Intuitive dashboard with graphical reports of sales orders, profit etc. that provide valuable business intelligence.

Gain insight into your best selling products through product sales tracking.

Sorting of sales data based on product, time period or tags.

Reports can be exported to your favorite format to be analyzed further.



Keep an eye on your entire business on the go, with a robust mobile based app that syncs all your data seamlessly.

Get a comprehensive overview of business trend with mobile dashboard.

Add and remove products to your inventory just as easily as on a desktop.

Track individual customers and contact them via email or phone.

All products purchase and customer data are seamlessly synced between the mobile, In-store and warehouse platforms.


Customer Management

Powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features that provide useful information about customer purchase habits and promotes your brand name in their minds, keeping them coming back for more.

Separate profiles for each customer that contains user purchase history.

Provide judicious discounts and loyalty points to customer based on their purchasing habits.

Send marketing advertisements and product notifications to customers through email and other methods.


Omni Channel Servicing

Retail Mass provides a continuous and seamless integration of digital and physical shopping experience to the customer. They are to access their online purchase wish list on your ecommerce portal and add them to an in-store check-out list or add items in-store to an ecommerce wish list. With Retail Mass, it doesn’t matter what channel your customers use to interact with your business since the data is constantly synced and they will always enjoy a unified experience whatever they choose.

   128 –bit secure encryption
   Scalability for business expansion
   Intuitive interface design
   Stable Microsoft SQL based system
   Thorough implementation testing
   Customizable reporting
   Remote access login
   Unified customer experience

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