Retail POS Billing Software for Pesticide and Fertilizer Shops

Pesticide Fertilizer Billing Software:

The maintenance of the stock of the particular product through the books is the little bit of tough procedure because sometimes there may be loss of those books. To prevent such type of problems from maintaining the large amount of data we use online storage. By online we can process huge amount of data with easy Billing operations. In the processing of the stock performing operations the new stock arrived to the go-down is added to the current items.

The sales of the fertilizers and pesticides can be managed through maintaining of the quantity. The payment of the sales can do either through money or check. For check processing we need to carry the minimum details of the customer for future intimation. While billing process the GST or VAT also can calculated internally for the customer billing report.

To protect them from the unauthorized user accessing the sales details and stock details we provided the authentication for the username and password. When new item is arrived it must be need to mention the name of the company and invoice date and out date of the product.

Fertilizers Pesticides shop POS Billing Software

Advanced Features:

Advanced POS

Inventory Management

Price Lists Management

Discount coupons

User Access Levels

Advanced and Customized Barcode Technology

Message Campaigns


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