Versatile cutting edge POS solution that

scales in-tune with your business

Manage your entire distribution network effectively and maximize your profits by automating processes, decreasing manpower and logistics costs. Specialized for single and multi-location wholesalers, enjoy complete transparency and control over your inventory right at your fingertips.

Warehousing & Inventory

Proper warehouse management and inventory control is essential for the profitable functioning of any retail business. Retail Mass is enabled with real time warehouse management modules that help you track the status of your stock, both local and remote, all from a singular point. It is highly scalable, being able to accurately track inventory movement across as many warehouses as needed. Implemented with seamless backend automation and front end process integration, its state of the art barcode scanning and RFID tagging technologies help you quantify stock levels quickly, expedite redundant tasks and streamline your operations for a smoother and more efficient running.

   Automated ordering
   Inventory tracking
   Multiple Warehouses
   Delivery planning & scheduling
   Variable pricing
   Integration with In-store POS

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

Retail Mass is designed to be an advanced software solution that provides hassle free management of all aspects of the sales and distributions tasks of C&A, C&F FMCG industries. It covers all operations such as sales, purchase, inventory tracking, re-ordering, supplier and return management, schemes and offers etc. Since your business runs in real time, it provides real time status information and generates comprehensive reports of product movement categorized brand –wise, SKU wise and channel wise. It also helps you attain complete transparency and visibility in your sales transactions through integrated financial accounting that is self-explanatory and does not require much accounting knowledge.

   Sales and purchase management
   Financial Accounting
   Outstanding reminders
   Customized graphical reporting
   Tax management
   SMS updates

Pharmaceuticals Distribution

Retail Mass is fast implementation and integration software that combines inventory management and accounting to provide an excellent distribution management system for pharmaceutical chains and businesses. It is specialized to support wholesale distribution specific requirements out-of-the-box and efficiently manages income/expenses, inventory, pricing, contracts and more. It also supports multi-channel ordering, financial accounting, data export, MIS & VAT reporting and hassle free handling of the complete sales cycle.

   Quick invoice generation
   Lock sales of expired/banned items
   Supplier/item wise discounts
   Stock level tracking
   Powerful customer/supplier search
   Customized reports


OEMs constantly update their product catalogs that systems without real time updating functionality can quickly turn obsolete. Retail Mass helps you deal with the intricacies of the automotive wholesale distribution industry by providing a unified overview of your entire supply chain. With pin point inventory management, powerful electronic product cataloging, post sales service management, automated re-ordering and electronic data interchange (EDI), it helps you cope with the immense demands of today’s dealer networks as well as run your business profitably and enhanced profit margin.

   Inventory control and management
   Automated product re-order
   Product life cycle information
   Electronic product catalog
   Financial Accounting
   Comprehensive reporting

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