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Why Your Retail Business Require Smart POS Billing Software

Posted by- Retail Mass    Date- 2018-12-08


First of all, the POS environment has changed from requiring sizable investments on hardware to current cloud POS platforms that can work or connect with your current hardware POS Billing Software, and offered at SMB-friendly prices. In additional words, it has come to be an affordable business solution. Second, it provides immense value with so many benefits you gain from a POS Billing System. And third, it meets the increasing use of mobile technology through mobile POS especially now that more people are shopping, banking, and making payments using their mobile devices.

Retail Mass 4 is a cloud-based point-of-sale and retail management platform that lets you effortlessly sell, manage, report, and grow your retail business. Retail Mass offers a POS Billing Software, multi-outlet retail capability, and an inventory management system, allowing you to run your business whether online, in-store. Retail Mass Billing Software is designed to work on iPad for added flexibility aside from Mac and PC, and supports mouse, keyboard, and touchscreen systems. With core functionalities built around inventory management, ecommerce, analytics, and customer loyalty, it helps you boost product management as well as track and organize customer data.

Suitable for use a wide range of business types like electronics, health and beauty, food and drink, toys and hobbies, jewelry and others, the solution provides high customization that lets you modify the system for your specific operation. It is able to work with existing business systems, equipment and hardware including bar-code scanners, receipt printers and cash drawers. It is manageable and easy-to-use, primarily requiring only a web browser on any device.

What is unique about Retail Mass?

Web-based and iPad POS can connect and work on iPad, Mac or PC and syncs in the cloud so you can use one platform. If internet disconnection is no problem as you can continue with your selling operation with the system automatically resyncing your sales when you get back online.

Completely customizable online store in minutes and have your products online with just one click. No technical or web expertise is needed. Retail Mass POS Billing Software multi-task management. You can use an array of tools to manage inventory, cash, orders, central product catalog, pricing and promotions, reports and dashboards, and customer information.